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It takes the average person 23 minutes of uninterrupted time to get to their productivity peak. Unfortunately, a Herman Miller study also found that the average person is interrupted every 4 minutes in an office environment.

It doesn’t take a maths whizz to determine from this research that the office might not be the best place to reach our full productivity potential. So how the heck do we ever get anywhere with our very important, very long to-do lists? Well, fortunately, we humans are excellent adaptors.

One classic example is how we have adapted the way we use our headphones in the office from music listening devices, to signals for our colleagues. According to the same study, the majority of us aren’t actually listening to music when we have our headphones in. In the same way hotel guests use that handy do not disturb sign, many people use their headphones as a giant billboard that says…

“I’ve got my headphones in. Touch me and you die!”

There is a wealth of research out there supporting the idea that remote working can significantly improve our effective output, with some studies quoting an amazing 86 percent boost in productivity from working remotely.

The best part of us fall into this lake sized pool where remote working equals high output, but cracking on from home isn’t always a distraction free zone either. So here is a by no means exhaustive list of some of our favourite places in Brighton for a little out of office productivity…



Coffee, cake and a simple menu, surrounded by books, toys, 1980s relics and crazy bric-a-brac – squirrel away in one of the upstairs rooms for optimum work results.

Address: 52 Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AF


Presuming Eds

Marwood’s sister coffee house on the other side of town, Presuming Eds also has multiple rooms and nooks to set-up camp.

 Address: 114-115 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4LJ


Bond Street Coffee

A popular base for freelancers and business meetings during the week, Bond Street Coffee makes the list for its convenient location and always-ideal playlists. Mornings are best for productivity.

Address: 15 Bond St, Brighton BN1 1RD


The Jury’s Inn Brighton Waterfront

Quiet spaces, ample charging points and a sea view. A sure bet.  

 Address: King’s Rd, Brighton BN1 2GS



A state-of-art collaborative workspace provider, Platf9rm offers memberships to suit all types of working needs for solo freelancers and entire teams. This serious remote working option is ideal for frequent use.


Tower Point, 44 North Road, BN1 1YR

Tisbury Road, Hove Town Hall, BN3 3BQ


But before we all wave goodbye to our friends and colleagues, it’s worth remembering that research has also shown that building friendships at work boosts employee satisfaction by 50 percent and satisfied employees have a higher productivity rate. So don’t stay away too long!

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This post was written by Mila Brazzi