Only Brighton can (and should) save Burning the Clocks

December 5, 2014 10:01 pm Published by

It’s difficult getting all of Fugu together, we’re a company full of busy people with a lot of passion projects and causes. But when we do get together, we become a closer knit team and work harder not just for our clients but also for each other. It’s hard enough with seven though.

Imagine doing that for all of Brighton and Hove.

Burning the Clocks, organised by Same Sky, has provided this very opportunity for the community to get together and become more than just ‘people who live near each other’. It’s a remarkable tradition with an overwhelming amount of support – well recognised in national press as a powerful event in the winter calendar.

But how can one event bring together a community as diverse as Brighton? Religious events are often restricted to establishments not everyone feels comfortable in. Cultural events, when researched intently, can prove to be founded by exclusivity or privilege.

Burning the Clocks was created by two men in a pub. They thought winter was a bit dreary and it would be good to bring some celebration (not tied to commercial interests) to the long, dark nights. With the winter solstice, the shortest day in the year, indicating the returning of the sun it seemed like the perfect excuse.

Choosing a purely physical event (the returning of the sun) allows the event to avoid all biases. It is an event that everyone can celebrate and draws on the key thing we all share: Brighton.

Same Sky is facing a dilemma this year, with arts funding changing in 2015 it will become increasingly difficult to produce Burning the Clocks. They are turning to crowdfunding to find out what support they have available. What better way could we show our community spirit than by joining together to save one of the very things that makes Brighton Brighton?

Join the crowdfunding campaign at Buzzbnk.

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